Dr. Easley's first cycle on the HCG program

HCG Medical Weight Loss

Dr. Easley's First cycle on the HCG Program 

We work with a Medical Doctor to make, the overwhelmingly successful, HCG Medical Weightloss Program available out of our office space. Should a patient fill the criteria involved, pass a physical examination, and show they are committed to losing weight, the Medical Physician writes the prescription for HCG and the medication ships directly to the patient in short order.

The HCG Medical Weight Loss program is 40 days long, utilizing the prescription injectable form of HCG. The "over-the-counter" drop version of HCG, is NOT available at our office. With the prescription injection form of HCG, we know exactly what we are dispensing, and we know the results that can be expected with dietary compliance. We stick with the "gold standard"!

Dr. Easley, himself, has done the program and lost 70.2 pounds as of March 14th, 2014. He would not allow the program to be available in the office unless he had reviewed and experienced the results that are possible on the program for himself. You can see the progress video at the bottom of this page.

Our cost for the complete HCG Medical Weightloss Program is $280. Included in that price: The HCG Rx, Program Guide with food guide and patient information, personal recommendations from when Dr. Easley did the program...   We also have injectable B12 vitamin available for those on the HCG Program for a mere $100 for ten 1ml injections over the span of the 6-week program. 

I think you will find our pricing nearly impossible to beat!

Dr. Easley's second cycle on the HCG program

Dr. Easley Before and After HCG

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