Dr. Easley's first cycle on the HCG program


Dr. Easley's First cycle on the HCG Program 

We work with our sister company, Northland Integrated Medical to provide Medical Services with our Medical Physician on an appointment-based program. Those appointments can be in the office on Tuesday afternoons, but remote consults are an alternative. All of our medications ship directly from our pharmacy to your doorstep.

What services do we offer?


*Rx appetite suppressants. Phentermine, with or without Topiramate, can be used to suppress your appetite to assist your weight loss goals with the diet or exercise program of your choosing. Patients often also experience an increase in energy, so we recommend taking this medication in the morning to allow for restful sleep in the evening. No blood tests are required.

*HCG Rx Medical Weight Loss Program. The same program Dr. Easley used to lose weight! This is Rx medication, along with a strict diet protocol that typically results in women losing approximately 10% of their starting body weight in 40 days, and men lose even more!

*Hormone Replacement Therapy for Men. We work with men on an individual basis to find out what they need to rebound from dreadded Low-T. Blood tests are required, at minimum every 6 months, and treatments are based upon a patient's needs and symptoms after those blood tests are returned.

*Sermorelin. This is an exciting offering for our office for BOTH men and women. Human Growth Hormone, HGH, decreases in the body as we age and is partially responsible for "aging" in both men and women. Sermorelin is an analogue to Growth Hormone Releasing Hormone, GHRH, stimulating the Pituitary gland to increase production of HGH in the body.

Increasing HGH in the body results in:

-decreased fat tissue, particularly in the abdominal area

-decreased recovery times following exercise

-improved healing for things like surgery, injuries, and post-exercise microtears to muscle

-increased libido

-improved cognitive function

-improved cardiovascular function

-increased energy and endurance

-pain relief in both muscles and joints, including that resulting from arthritis

You can see why Sermorelin is often sold as an Anti-Aging medication!

Sermorelin has a "loading phase" of 3-6 months where you see gradual improvements until a more fully realized improvement at 6 months and additional improvement from 6-12 months. This therapy requires a blood test prior to starting, and a new blood test every 6 months.